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Hardy Souls

The snow is finally melted!  It was warm enough to take a walk today without hats and mittens!  Our neighbors that have so many vehicles they could start a used car lot can finally leave the driveway without plowing through the foot of snow at the base of their driveway! …


The Wearing of the Green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Since I happen to be 1/8 Irish, I take full responsibility for wearing the color green and eating as many potatoes I can on this special day.  I also try every year to banish the snakes from our yard, but seeing as we really don’t have …


Jump Around

If you attended the University of Wisconsin Madison, or have even just attended a Badger football game, you know what the title of this post means.  For those of you not in the loop, it’s the most famous song played at the Badger game, one with both fierce critics and …



In Wisconsin, the Green Bay Packers are an institution.  If you’re not a fan, you might as well go hide under a rock on game day, because the rest of the state will shun you into oblivion for wearing anything but green and gold.  Not liking the Packers does not …


Winter Wonderland

It snowed again yesterday. Here in Wisconsin, we get a lot of snow.  A LOT of snow.  The only time we didn’t have a lot of snow was at our December wedding when it was 50 degrees out and rainy when all we wanted were magical white photographs.  Go figure.  …