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Tomato Jalapeno Jam

This falls under the category of “You Must Make This Now.”  I was looking for ways to use up a bunch of CSA tomatoes, and came across a couple of tomato jam recipes.  Then I remembered that when Tom and I first started dating, he had a jar of tomato …


Italian Flag Salad

Is there anything better than produce fresh from your own garden?  As Tom and I were eating this salad, and Sweet Pea was scarfing down veggies from the serving bowl before they even hit her plate, we decided that we’re going to move somewhere that allows us to eat tomatoes …

Lemon Snap Pea Salad - Dairyland Mashup

Lemon Barley Snap Pea Salad | Cooking with Your CSA Series

It’s finally CSA season around these parts!  In magical places like California, you can get things like fresh, local produce year-round.  Artichokes?  Olives?  Tomatoes?  Check, check, and check.  But those of us living in colder parts (aka, the majority of the country) don’t have the luxury of local produce for …

BLT Pasta Salad-Dairyland Mashup

BLT Pasta Salad | Dairy Free

It’s almost Memorial Day, which means summer is upon us!  In Wisconsin, people start wearing shorts when it’s 55 degrees outside, so you can’t count on that as an accurate measure of the seasons.  What I can count on are my food cravings.  Right now, I’m in the mood to …


Hardy Souls

The snow is finally melted!  It was warm enough to take a walk today without hats and mittens!  Our neighbors that have so many vehicles they could start a used car lot can finally leave the driveway without plowing through the foot of snow at the base of their driveway! …


The Wearing of the Green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Since I happen to be 1/8 Irish, I take full responsibility for wearing the color green and eating as many potatoes I can on this special day.  I also try every year to banish the snakes from our yard, but seeing as we really don’t have …



It’s starting to feel like spring here in Wisconsin!  Although we still have quite a bit of snow, I’m dreaming of this: The highs are in the upper 30′s today, and the snow is rapidly melting.  We can see a patch of grass outside the patio door!  Brown, withered grass, …