Happy Father’s Day (Belated)

So, things are looking a little different around here!  Tom and I are in the process of getting a new photography website up and running, so we’ve been transferring all of our various web homes to our new host.  And that includes this little blog!  I would apologize for the long blog hiatus, but let’s face it: you probably didn’t notice anyway.  So without further ado, I’d like to wish a belated Happy Father’s Day to Tom.

The best husband and father a girl (or Sweet Pea) could ask for.  I thought I knew Tom before Sweet Pea came along, but I’ve discovered many new things about him in the last year.  Like the way he likes to quote Star Wars and tell Sweet Pea “I am your father.”  Or the way he cuts Sweet Pea’s food so carefully that he forgets about his own meal until it’s cold.  Or the way he comes home from a long day at work and still gets Sweet Pea in the tub to give me a break.  There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for us.  Except maybe skip water skiing to go to Babies R Us.  That’s crossing the line.

We love you!

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