Party Time!

As I may have mentioned once or fifty times before, our little Sweet Pea turned one this past weekend.  We started out the day trying to simultaneously eat oatmeal cereal, formula, dry milk powder, and potato chips.  The cereal somehow found its way out of the jar and all over my freshly scrubbed floor, only to be pasted down with drool.  Awesome.

Commence vacuuming and scrubbing.  Again.

Once we got dressed for the day, things went much more smoothly.  Sweet Pea looked festive in her tutu:

She got balloons from her Nana and Papa, and she loved the Elmo balloon best of all.  She still keeps screeching at it every time she sees it.  Once everyone arrived, it was party time!  We had buckets of presents:

Tasty vegan carrot cake (Sweet Pea is allergic to dairy):

Mmmm…finger lickin’ good.  Oddly enough, she ate the cake and left most of the frosting.  Who does that?!?  Later on, we got down to business playing with new toys:

She loves her new Elmo doll, who had to share space with her baby in their new stroller.  Sweet Pea still isn’t sure about walking behind the stroller after she took a tumble when the stroller decided to speed up without her.  She keeps staring at it and tipping it over distrustfully.  Good thing Elmo is securely buckled into his seat, otherwise we’d have major concussion issues on our hands.

Even though Sweet Pea won’t remember the cake, or who came to the party, or what present she got, it was still a great day.  I suppose the party is more for the grown-ups anyway, as we celebrate (mourn?) our babies growing up and getting closer and closer to not needing us anymore.

Is there any cake left in the fridge?  I need a pick-me-up.

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