Our baby turns one this weekend.

I can’t quite figure out how this happened.  One day we’re at the hospital, I’m in pain and wanting drugs but they’re telling me that sorry, it’s too late for that, and the next my baby is wearing a tutu and eating carrot cake like there’s no tomorrow.  It’s funny how sometimes it feels like Sweet Pea has been with us forever, and sometimes it feels like she just arrived yesterday.  It’s already getting difficult to remember a time without her.  As a parent, your entire outlook on life changes because it’s not just about you anymore.  I worry every day if we’re doing the right things, saying the right words, or giving enough hugs.  You’re shaping a person.  And you want that person to grow up and be kind to others, have a strong faith, respect herself and everyone around, have fun every day, and not forget what’s truly important.

The fact that I’m worried about these things should indicate that we’re doing okay.  And Sweet Pea is doing fine.  She loves her baby doll (although she has a tendency to chew on her feet), gives great hugs, likes watching Elmo on TV (she sings along with his theme song), and makes our hearts melt when she says Mama or Dada.  She gets excited over visiting family members and puppies, loves petting the flowers (and trying to rip off the leaves), loves investigating (especially when electronics are involved), and eats pretty much anything you put in front of her.

Tom told Sweet Pea the other day, “you have no idea how much we love you.”  And it’s true.  She’s a part of our family, our lives, and our hearts.  We live a blessed life, and we know it.  Even though she’s only been with us a year, we’ve known her forever.  And we’ll love her forever.

Happy birthday, Sweet Pea.

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