It’s been crazy around here.  Sweet Pea has gotten four teeth so far in the last two weeks, so our nights are a haze of fussing and nursing and pacifiers gone missing and general crankiness.  We’ve had a couple crazy weekends full of family and busyness.  Some new camera gear was delivered, and testing that out has been high on the priority list.  Sweet Pea tried to take a nose dive out of her coupe car yesterday, and I literally almost died right there in our front yard.  I had to sit down I was so dizzy.  Luckily, her leg got caught underneath the steering wheel, so she could balance herself on her hands before she took a face plant on the concrete.  I swear she will be the death of me yet with her daily tumbles.  She’s clearly either going to be a gymnast, a swimmer, or a rock climber based on her love of falling, water, and repetitive leg movements.  That girl can KICK.  She doesn’t stop moving unless she’s sound asleep.  And even then she moves around her crib like a commando trying to find the perfect spot to snooze.

For those of you living under a rock, this past weekend was Mother’s Day.  My first official Mother’s Day, actually.  It’s funny that this year, I realized that you don’t fully understand how your mother feels about you until you have a baby of your own.  Sure, you love your mom (most days), but you don’t really GET IT.  This year, after receiving a wonderful card from my Sweetie and Sweet Pea, I got it.  Spending time with my mom and grandma this weekend really made everything come full circle for me.  Watching my grandma spend time with Sweet Pea, knowing how loved she is by everyone around her–it’s truly a miracle and a blessing.  Sweet Pea has so many great role models in my family and Tom’s family.  She’s a lucky girl.

I feel loved.  Not everyone can say that, so I feel blessed that I have so many people that I care about and who care about me.

As Tom says, this post has way too much mush!  I promise to be back to my usual sarcastic self next time around.

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