Hardy Souls

The snow is finally melted!  It was warm enough to take a walk today without hats and mittens!  Our neighbors that have so many vehicles they could start a used car lot can finally leave the driveway without plowing through the foot of snow at the base of their driveway!

I both love and hate outside this time of year.  I love it because green things start popping up all over the yard, and I hate it because the melting snow leaves all sorts of nasty things behind like garbage, snow plow tracks, and vole nests.  Luckily, the green things vastly outweigh the dirt and grime.  It takes a hardy plant to grow in Wisconsin anyway, and to pop out of the ground this early in the season is extra brave.  Especially considering the late snowstorms we’ve had over the past month!  (If you’re reading this from a warm climate that has had tulips blooming for several weeks already, I don’t want to know.  You don’t exist.)  There were crocuses (croci?) coming up in our front yard the other week, and I was so excited to photograph the tiny green shoots but they were completely covered with snow the very next day.

But thanks to the miracle that is a bulb, those crocuses kept coming up through the snow, and they started blooming this week!  They also invited their iris reticulata friends to the party:

Iris reticulata, the party girls of spring. Show up early, easy to please.

I should have taken a photo when they were peeking through the leftover snow…most impressive.

And speaking of hardy souls, I saw young boys walking home from school in shorts this afternoon.  I’m not sure what makes people in Wisconsin think that it’s shorts weather as soon as the thermometer goes above 45 degrees.  Young boys are the worst, with their shorts and unzipped coats, as though they have something to prove by freezing their knees off.  I suppose it’s in the same genre as refusing to wear a backpack on both shoulders even though you have 20 pounds of books and notebooks inside–getting frostbite or dislocating your shoulder is a mark of your coolness.  Man, if frostbite was all it took I could have skipped being a choir nerd and gone straight to jock glory.  It also takes a hardy soul to survive high school.  But that’s a whole ‘nother blog post.

I know you want another gratuitous croci shot:

Side note: according to Wikipedia, the plural of crocus can be crocuses or croci.  In the spirit of cacti and matrices, we’re going to go with croci from here on out.  Big fan of weird plurals right here.

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