Sick and Tired

Ah, there are so many ways one could take the title of this post.  Our little family is generally sick and tired right now.  Sick and tired of Tom being gone all the time (a ridiculous work schedule is claiming him right now), sick and tired of Sweet Pea’s reflux and spitting up all over everything we wear and sit on, sick and tired of being cooped up inside by freak snowstorms, and literally sick and tired with colds and flu.  Sweet Pea and I have been holding down the fort the past few weeks, taking walks when the weather is nice, attending music class at the local library, and hanging out with grandparents who visit when Daddy isn’t able to be home with us.  But my patience is starting to wear as thin as my yoga pants.  (I really need to just buy some new ones.  And perhaps not wear them every. single. day.)  Sweet Pea caught pink eye last week, which means I have to fight her three times a day to put in her antibiotic drops.  Awesome.  I thought she squirmed a lot when we changed her diaper…that was nothing!  I caught not only Sweet Pea’s pink eye, but also “every ‘itis’ I know of,” according to my doctor.  Yikes.

To distract myself the other day from the congestion and coughing up my lungs, I thought I would fold some laundry.  Sweet Pea clearly had other ideas:

Yes, that is Sweet Pea unfolding all of my neatly folded sleepers, washcloths, and burp rags.  Yes, I do realize now that it was probably a mistake to fold clothes on the floor in plain sight of my almost-ten-month-old.  But when you’re drugged up on Tylenol and Mucinex, you really don’t think about these things beforehand.  I must admit, it was super funny.  And she had a great time!

Many apologies for the silent blog!  Hopefully we’ll be on the mend soon and getting into trouble again.

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