The Wearing of the Green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Since I happen to be 1/8 Irish, I take full responsibility for wearing the color green and eating as many potatoes I can on this special day.  I also try every year to banish the snakes from our yard, but seeing as we really don’t have many snakes in our little corner of Wisconsin, that plan is usually a bust.  And there aren’t enough green growing things outside to even hope to find a four-leaved clover.  I’ll have to settle for shamrock socks and drinking a shamrock shake instead.

My name is Kristin and I am a holiday sock addict.

I know that green food and drink are big traditions on this day, but I can never bring myself to drink green beer.  The thought of taking a beverage that I don’t really care for anyway and making it puke green just does not sound appealing to me.  Although, did anyone else read Green Eggs and Ham in elementary school on St. Patrick’s Day, then eat green-colored scrambled eggs with ham on the side??  What were our teachers thinking?  Just the thought of eating scrambled eggs like that now makes my stomach turn.  Somehow anything green and mint-flavored does not offend my sensibilities, nor does corned beef and cabbage.  I think I’ll stick to those.

Sweet Pea has joined the honorable wearin’ o’ the green tradition:

Proud to be 1/16 Irish!

Since I’m part Irish, Sweet Pea is too…1/16 Irish.  No doubt that when she’s in college, she will use this to her advantage to drink the aforementioned green beer and get kissed by random boys in bars.  Wow, I need to get on that before it comes true.  Some sweet-talking 1/2 Irish boy from Boston comes along, feeds Sweet Pea green beer and green scrambled eggs, and steals her heart forever.  Huh.  Must begin brainwashing now about how Irish boys are ne’er-do-wells that will never stick around.  That should do it, enforce the stereotypes.  Tom jokes that Sweet Pea won’t be allowed to date until she’s 40, so I am confident that I will have full support in this endeavor.

In other news, spring has finally arrived in northeast Wisconsin!  Unfortunately, this does not mean that the grass has decided to wear green for the occasion or that any sort of flowering bulb has appeared.  We had our first robin in the backyard this morning!

Hard at work destroying my flower beds

As you can see, the snow is just beginning to retreat in our neck of the woods.  The robin was digging for worms in the lovely soil of one of my perennial beds.  The robins do this every year…they dig up the edges of every single flower bed in the yard, and strew mulch into the grass for me to clean up.  Luckily, right now the mulch is so matted down it’s almost nonexistent, so no clean up!  Plus, I’m getting free soil tilling!  Now, if I could just figure out how to make him work harder so he could till up my entire vegetable garden…

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