Child’s Play

I have no idea how to play with my eight-month-old.  There.  I said it.  I love her to bits, and she’s so cute and funny, but when it comes down to actually playing with her, I am clueless. You can’t play games like hide and seek or Go Fish, so what do you do?  There is only so much peek-a-boo and This Little Piggy that a person can take, and even Sweet Pea gets bored with mommy peeking out from behind the closet door (incidentally, it’s so dark and quiet inside the closet that many days I contemplate just staying in there for a nice nap) for the hundredth time.

We usually end up singing all the time: some days singing so much that I feel like I sing to Sweet Pea more than I talk to her.  I’m nervous that she’s going to begin preschool and sing Josh Groban instead of talking to her classmates.  She got a Raffi CD for Christmas, and every time I turn it on, Sweet Pea gets a huge grin on her face.  Is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t smile when Raffi comes on?  I mean, really.  The dude is awesome.  He can sing about everything from frogs on a log to a goose kissing moose without blinking an eye.  He’s like the Mr. Rogers of music, only with a long beard and hippy-ish clothes.  Although if you look him up on Wikipedia today, he has close-cut hair and wears a suit, which seems totally wrong.  I had some of his records when I was a kid (yes, I am dating myself), and I still remember all the fun I had listening to them.  Sweet Pea’s other favorite music/dancing activity is watching YouTube videos of David Hasselhoff singing “Hooked on a Feeling.”  Fan. Tas. Tic.  Tom and I dance around the living room wondering why Germans are so enamored with the Hoff’s “musical” abilities, and Sweet Pea giggles and kick her legs in time to the music.  Don’t hassle the Hoff, he knows his stuff.

In other news, Sweet Pea is trying to crawl:

She does this downward-dog type pose, and scoots herself along using her hands and feet.  She does get up on her hands and knees to rock a little bit, but she prefers the scooting for now.  Nana and Grandpa say she’ll be crawling within the week…I don’t know about that, but I’d better get some video fast of her scooting before it’s gone!  We’re supposed to be snowed in with a foot or more of snow tomorrow (goodbye beautiful spring-like weather!  I knew we should have taken down the rest of the Christmas decorations from the front of the house…), so maybe Sweet Pea will take advantage of our undivided attention and do exciting things.

I’ll leave you with one final photo.  Sweet Pea woke up the other morning with AWESOME hair:

I wish I could look this cute first thing in the morning.

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