It’s starting to feel like spring here in Wisconsin!  Although we still have quite a bit of snow, I’m dreaming of this:

The highs are in the upper 30′s today, and the snow is rapidly melting.  We can see a patch of grass outside the patio door!  Brown, withered grass, but grass nonetheless.  This kind of weather makes me want to get out in the yard and peruse my garden catalogs.  Sweet Pea and I have taken short walks the past two days, me in a fleece and jacket and Sweet Pea trussed up as a Nanook of the North in a jacket, hat, mittens, boots, and two fleece blankets.  It’s probably overkill, since she’s practically sweating by the time we get home.

Every January and February, the annual parade of garden catalogs arrives in our mailbox.  I LOVE getting garden catalogs.  I imagine what our yard could look like if we had unlimited funds and I had unlimited time.  As it is, I probably have too many plants in our yard.  But the catalogs are like flower porn.  I keep looking at them over and over again, until the pages are dog-eared and I should probably be hiding them under the mattress.  But they’re so pretty!

My favorite spot in the yard is my “garden room,” idea courtesy of PBS gardening shows.  (Is there anything that isn’t on PBS?  Don’t answer that.)  I have a cute white bench, and flowers in white, magenta, and lime green (shockingly girly for those who know me, see above photo).  The only drawback is that our neighbor’s Newfoundland likes to come up along the fence and pee right through the chain link onto my rose bushes.  Don’t get me started on the fence.  The neighbors put up the fence before they even moved in, and it’s been the bane of my existence ever since.  I’m keeping track of the hours until the landscaping is big enough to hide most of it from view (T minus 43,000 hours).

It’s supposed to get colder again this weekend.  Sigh.  I guess I’ll have to keep making my plant lists and leaving “hints” for Tom about what I’d like to buy this year.  There’s a new heuchera with red leaves for the front, snap peas that don’t need a trellis for the vegetable garden, shrubs with flowers that smell like vanilla, coneflowers in red and orange…

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