In Wisconsin, the Green Bay Packers are an institution.  If you’re not a fan, you might as well go hide under a rock on game day, because the rest of the state will shun you into oblivion for wearing anything but green and gold.  Not liking the Packers does not compute.  We cheeseheads take our team VERY seriously.  I happen to enjoy watching football, as does Sweet Pea.

Today was THE BIG GAME.  The first time the Packers have played the Chicago Bears in the postseason in 70 years.  This was an epic battle of good versus evil.  Rumors of tickets costing $10K were rampant, and the winner of this game was entitled to eternal glory, fame, and honor.  The Packers and the Bears are long-standing rivals, and the resentment runs deep.

And we won.

Woo hoo!!!!  Let the Super Bowl craziness begin.  Since we don’t have a lot of other news going on in this area, the TV broadcasts for the next two weeks will feature the Packers for about 2/3 of the broadcast, with the other 1/3 dedicated to the weather.  Debates on whether Aaron Rodgers will grow out his goatee for the big game, or how many fans will make the trek from Wisconsin to Texas will take up copious amounts of TV and newspaper time.  Everyone living within a 1,000-mile radius of Green Bay will post countless updates on Facebook, bashing the other team and hotly proclaiming the Packers’ greatness.  It’s going to be awesome.

We’re hoping that kindly friends and/or family will take us into their homes for the Super Bowl, since we don’t get cable and our reception can be somewhat unreliable.  If you’re out there, we can bring snacks!

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