Winter Wonderland

It snowed again yesterday.

Here in Wisconsin, we get a lot of snow.  A LOT of snow.  The only time we didn’t have a lot of snow was at our December wedding when it was 50 degrees out and rainy when all we wanted were magical white photographs.  Go figure.  As a kid growing up in Atlanta, snow was a major deal.  School was canceled for an inch of snow.  So the first time it snowed after moving to Wisconsin, my brother and I were pumped for a snow day.  Until our parents laughed and informed us that up here, they have crazy things called snow plows that clear the streets so the buses can get through.  Epic disappointment.

We haven’t been out much this winter, since we don’t want to take Sweet Pea out in single-digit wind chills.  Call me crazy, but I have a feeling that packing up the kiddo in her carrier and trekking through the snowy woods would get us a visit from Child Services.  So, we move from the warm house to the warm car to the warm library or grandparent’s house while snuggled under blankets and fuzzy jackets with bear ears (seriously, are babies any cuter than when they wear hoods with animal ears?!?).  For now, we’ll just have to dream of the peace and quiet that can only be found in the woods with snow gently falling.

Or, we can dream about going here instead:

It’s like I’m sipping a Mai Tai in Hawaii.  Almost.


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