The Holiday Letdown

I’ve thought long and hard about this first post, because it seems that the first lines of my blog should be memorable, insightful, and life-changing.  But I have a feeling that this post will be none of those things.  I often wonder how other people start their blogs.  Most of the time, you begin reading well after the blog has been up and running for months, even years.  A blog at inception is a scary thing.

Nevertheless, I’m excited to begin!  I’ll start by inserting a gratuitous shot of our daughter:

We’re feeling sentimental around here because we took the Christmas tree down yesterday.  Sweet Pea thought it was fun to log-roll underneath the tree and eat the ornaments, so down it came.  Taking down the Christmas tree is always a let down: the official end of the holiday season.

Some people think that taking down the tree and decorations is cleansing, that it renews and refreshes the house for the new year ahead.  I say baloney.  Everyone looks better in the glow of twinkle lights, it gives you an excuse to keep eating fudge (I’ll get exercise taking the tree down!), your house looks more like a magazine ad than an article on hoarding, and the living room just looks empty without the furniture crammed into corners to make room for everything.  One of my favorite movies is The Family Man (upon admitting that piece of information, readers drop me from their RSS feeds faster than a celebrity gets out of jail), and I always cry when Nicholas Cage wakes up from his vision to a cold, empty apartment.  There’s something about Christmas that says home to me.

On the other hand, I don’t have to clean glitter off Sweet Pea’s face every time she plays on the floor, or worry about her chewing on ornaments made with dangerous chemicals, so there’s always an upside.

Hey!  My first entry!  That wasn’t so hard!

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